Are You Working From Home?

If you are working from and need access to your documents, our scanning service is on hand to help! Transporting those bulky files from your office to the house can be a nightmare, especially in these Autumn and winter conditions! Do you want archive files in your house taking up space? There are also many potential data protection issues when transporting any information outside of its natural home in the office.

Our scanning service is secure, diligent and reliable. Not only is the process simple, many of our clients prefer there new digital files!

  1. Collection: We collect your files from your office and securely transport them to our scanning hub. Collections are made using contracted CitiStore staff members, Files are barcoded to ensure traceability throughout the process.
  2. Preparation: Upon receipt, your files are thoroughly prepared for the scanning machine. This involves removing paper clips and staples, as well as moving post-it notes if they are covering any information and placing it into a blank area of the page. This process is vitally important, each document is carefully checked to ensure the final captured image is replicated exactly as per the physical document.
  3. Scanning: Citistore uses industry-leading technology and software to capture each page of every file. Documents are scanned at approximately 150 pages per minute. We scan in colour as standard. All of your documents benefit from OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. When each page is scanned the software captures and indexes each word; this allows you to search for any keyword, such as a name, address, bank account number, etc. Using the CTRL-F function on your keyboard, the PDF will return matching results allowing you to navigate to the area of the document you need. No more sifting through thousands of pages to find the information you need! Achieve in seconds in what in the past has taken hours.
  4. Indexing: Typically each file is indexed as per the spine/front cover of the file, or by capturing any metadata that is present. If there are chapters in your file, we can replicate this in the digital copy.
  5. Quality Control: Each page is checked and finalised before it is converted into a PDF file.
  6. The Return: We send your documents directly to you using encryption software, allowing you to view and download your PDF files.
  7. Retention: Technically you now have two copies, we can return the physical files to your office, enter them into secure storage or alternatively we can confidentially shred the physical records if you only require one copy.

One of our recent projects was helping an accountancy firm adapt to the “new normal”

“CitiStore recently converted a large number of our client files. Accessing the files we needed to work on whilst working from home was proving troublesome, especially with different departments need to refer to the same file. We engaged with CitiStore, they understood our predicament. We needed all of our files scanned quickly, Steve and his team went above and beyond, the files were collected on a Friday afternoon, by Monday morning we had the digital copies on our server. They converted over 60 Files for us, they worked throughout the weekend to ensure there was no downtime. Many of our team have commented on the quality and how easy our scanned files are to navigate, we are definitely going to use CitiStore again after such a positive experience

Owner – Accountancy Firm

For more information please call today on 01789 763170 or email

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