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Far from your ordinary storage company, we provide digital archiving and digital storage solutions specifically tailored for the professions. Although our experience and focus is in and on electronic archiving for the legal profession we successfully serve many other business sectors with our file scanning service: education, finance and construction to name a few.

Having had many decades of hands-on experience within the legal sector we are professionals and pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge we have amassed over many years. We know and appreciate the need for confidentiality, accuracy and completeness. We know our business and we understand yours. 

Our aim is to help you develop, grow and prosper in your sector; to help you reduce your paper mountain and your dependence upon it and the associated escalating costs. In doing so we will help you establish greener, more cost effective and more environmentally conscious business practices. We scan thousands of files and recycle many tons of paper per year reducing the need to cut down trees and deplete the planet’s resources.

Our mission is to provide a risk free, data secure, green and prosperous future for every one of our clients.

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The Process

If you came here expecting a lot of technical jargon and long list of obstacles you need to overcome, you’ll be happy to know that the process of converting your paper files or documents through high speed file scanning and digitally storing them is a simple one. 

Initial Meeting

We will talk with you about your requirements, the volume of work and the current format of the documents. The only thing you will need to decide is how you want the documents indexed. As an example,  you may want the files indexed under 4 fields: First Name, Last Name, Address, File Number.

Once we have confirmed with you the most effective way to index documents in your new digital archive, we will come and pick up the files/paperwork and bring them to our scanning facility. Here we will prepare and process the documents converting them to digital format.

The documents/files are then returned to you in digital format, on an external Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

After you have indicated you are happy with the digital files we will arrange for confidential, secure shredding of the original documents if you do not wish for them to be returned to you. 

How do we get our documents to you?

We will collect from any business address in mainland England and Wales.

What happens to our files once you have scanned them?

Unless we receive instructions to the contrary they will be confidentially destroyed and the paper recycled, once we have received written authorisation to do so. 

How do you calculate your digital archiving charges?

Our charges are negotiated on a ‘per box’ or ‘per file’ basis with each client. The charges for services provided at a future date will be those agreed and prevailing at the time. 

Do I need any special equipment or software to use your service? 

No. The electronic archive we supply comes with the necessary retrieval software already on the medium. Once you have your digitally archived files you are equipped to access your firm’s digital archive wherever and whenever you wish. 

What about back up copies of my digitally scanned files?

We recommend that you back up/copy the portable hard drive to your system in your usual back up routine. As a final failsafe we keep a security copy on our system (which is also backed up) in case the unthinkable should happen. We will also renew hard drives free of charge every few years to avoid any potential failures.

Does using your service take up our business time?

No. In fact it saves time. We collect your files- as regularly as is necessary or practical and do everything on our own premises. You need only to put the completed files in standard archive boxes and never see or handle them again. There is a further benefit in that you do not need to go through files throwing away unnecessary papers or copies prior to archiving. Doing so wastes valuable professional time and also introduces a risk that the wrong papers are discarded.

Do we need to prepare our files in any way?

No. We do all preparation, removing staples, paper clips, unfolding and unbinding. Any torn or damaged papers receive special treatment and faint or badly copied papers are individually dealt with at higher resolutions and adjusted exposures to enhance legible images. There is nothing you need to do.

Does digital archiving cope with hand-written papers?

Yes. Each and every letter, paper or document whether printed, word processed, copied, faxed or hand-written is scanned so that the electronic version of your file appears identical to the original and any papers may be copied or printed back into paper form. The papers and documents will be archived in exactly the same order as they appeared on the original paper file.

How does Optical Character Recognition (OCR) work?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is also included in your digital archive. This is an additional and very useful search facility, which allows you to type in certain words or phrases and the software will generate a list of files and pages where those words or phrases occur, e.g.  ‘right of way’, ‘easement for repair’, ‘uplift agreement’ or ‘Willington-Jones’. When memory fails and you need information or a precedent but cannot remember on which file it appeared OCR will find it for you. OCR is an extremely useful tool if you need to find lost or misfiled papers. By typing in any relevant word(s) the software will come up with a list of possible files where the missing papers are stored.

CitiStore provide digital archiving and digital storage solutions specifically tailored for the professions. CitiStore successfully serve many business sectors including the legal profession education, construction, finance and many more.

Digitising your records can be a good option for many businesses looking to reduce the amount of paperwork within their organisation. Our diligent scanning service is available for one off projects, or for ongoing scanning requirements.

Documents are scanned using industry leading equipment ensuring only the very best images are captured. Documents can be hosted using our cloud service, alternatively documents can be handed back on an encrypted device such as a hard drive or USB.

In the first instance CitiStore offer a sample scan to ensure you are happy with the project scope and results before committing to any one off job or ongoing scanning requirement. CitiStore collect your records from your office and transport them to our facility when they are registered and then prepared for the scanning machine. Upon completion your scanned images are checked and sent back via a CitiStore member of staff.

Scan on Demand

Rather than sending physical files or boxes back to your office we can send just the documents you need. Your requested document is prepared and send back via encryption software. This process can be completed the same day, ensuring we drive efficiency within your business.

Document Storage

Secure your documents with our document storage service. Leading Barcode technology, full audit trail, GDPR compliance, CitiStore are here to help.

Secure Document Destruction

Don't let your information fall into the wrong hands. Destroy your unwanted document with our certified service.

Insolvency Assistance

With over 50 years combined experience in the insolvency industry, we are well poised to assist you and meet your service level expectations.

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