Insolvency Services

Insolvency Service Experts

CitiStore have over 50 years combined experience in the insolvency industry and offer a range of services when companies are entered into Administration or Liquidation. CitiStore are a trusted partner to a number of Insolvency Practitioners based throughout the UK. 

CitiStore have the ability to collect from anywhere in the United Kingdom, regardless of volume.

Our prompt collection service means we can secure the books and records quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. CitiStore understand the need to act swiftly and are on call, often at short notice to provide reliable collection services. 

CitiStore will provide you with a full index of everything that has been collected, allowing instant access to the documents whenever you need them. 

CitiStore has a dedicated Insolvency team that has knowledge and understanding of your industry. 

CitiStore Provide:

  • A Nationwide Collection Service

  • Diligent Index of Records collected

  • Site clearance of any unwanted Papers/Brochures/IT Equipment

  • Confidential Shredding of Unwanted Paperwork

  • Instant Retrieval of Records When You Need Them

  • Advanced Bills Ensuring Efficient Case Closure Processes

  • Viewing Facilities for Record Inspections 

CitiStore utilise world leading technology to ensure GDPR Compliance, documents are tracked from collection all the way through to eventual destruction.

Scaning & Digital File Conversion

Access your documents from anywhere using our document scanning services. We utilise World leading technology and software.

Document Storage

Secure your documents with our document storage service. Leading Barcode technology, full audit trail, GDPR compliance, CitiStore are here to help.

Secure Shredding

Don't let your information fall into the wrong hands. Destroy your unwanted document with our certified service.

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