Capturing each box’s content is a vital component of Records Management, it ensures that documents can be located and returned quickly and efficiently. At CitiStore, we provide a comprehensive document cataloguing service for a range of professional organisations, including the legal profession, accountants, insolvency practitioners, and healthcare providers.

During the cataloguing process, a barcode is placed on each file; we then capture each file’s metadata, the information is held on our Records Management Database. The barcode allows us to track the file throughout its lifecycle; if the file moves, the details are captured for audit and accountability purposes.

CitiStore can pinpoint your files within seconds. Also, your archive can be made available to you using our online Records Portal, CitiWeb. The feature-rich software features allow you to search for your files with a few mouse clicks, as well as request your documents back as a scanned, searchable PDF Documents.

Citi Store’s cataloguing service ensures, Order, Efficiency, Traceability and Compliance.

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