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CitiStore, a reputable provider of insolvency services, boasts over 50 years of combined industry experience. Our comprehensive range of services, including supporting Insolvency Practitioners when businesses are placed into Administration or Liquidation, have made us a trusted partner throughout the United Kingdom, including blue chip clients and small to medium-sized practitioners.

With the capability to collect from any location across the United Kingdom, regardless of volume, our prompt collection service ensures the efficient and cost-effective securement of books and records.
We understand the importance of acting swiftly in these situations and are readily available, often at short notice, to provide reliable collection services.

Our central location allows us to efficiently manage and process collected materials using world-leading records management technology. This ensures that all collected documents are accurately catalogued and easily accessible.

Our diligent archiving process when collecting and collating the company books and records is a crucial step in the process of insolvency. All documents are carefully reviewed to ensure that all relevant information is captured and that any sensitive data is protected during the archiving process.

Furthermore, our dedicated Insolvency team is knowledgeable and experienced in understanding the specific needs and requirements of your industry, regardless of the size of the client. We pride ourselves in providing the same level of professional service to all our clients


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What our clients are saying

“The service levels we receive are first class. Steve and the team are always on hand to assist. Their document scanning service has completely transformed our firm and we can not recommend CitiStore enough.”

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