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A digital mailroom is the automation of incoming mail processes. For decades the traditional approach has been a person or team to open and distribute mail to the correct person or department. This daily task can take up many hours of administration time.

CitiStore’s digital mailroom solution automates this process for you.

1) Your physical mail is re-directed to us
2) Our trained, vetted staff opens your post
3) Each item is classified (Invoice, Contract , Statement, Complaint)
4) Your post is scanned and indexed
5) Your post is made available via an agreed channel (Cloud, Case Management System, Email)
6) Your post is entered into secure storage

Our solution frees up valuable staff time and can drive efficiencies within your business. Remember a good Digital Mailroom should reduce your costs, not add to them.

With many staff members working from home in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, a digital mailroom ensures your team can receive their post without disruption.

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